Wild Yarraman

Yarraman is excited to introduce ‘Wild Yarraman’ – Mindfulness Meditation Healing through Horses.

The Yarraman team has integrated our Solutions through Horses programs with Indigenous nature-based healing and transformational coaching.

Participants Reconnect to Spirit, Country and each other with Yarraman’s unique blend of modalities.

Wild Yarraman is facilitated by local Indigenous mother of two, Territory homegrown horsewoman and spiritual & personal development coach – Jolene Walsh.

What people are saying about Wild Yarraman.

“Thank you Jolene and Yarraman for such a transformative experience. It has been an absolute privilege and joy to begin this exciting journey. This was such a valuable workshop with an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and approachable aboriginal healer. I enjoyed learning about being present in our mediation and how horses mirror your inner thoughts and feelings. I realised that all the personal work I had done on self-awareness, spirituality and other methods of healing never really reached the depth of this work. It was a very powerful professional model, beautiful environment, warm atmosphere with loving support and connections for all involved. I loved the power and authenticity of this model. I highly recommend this meditation to anybody who is interested in following their dreams, working with nature, healing and working with horses at the same time.”

“The Wild Yarraman women mindfulness meditation with horses was more than just an experience – it was truly AMAZING!!!! Words cannot express or do it justice. Thank you so much for allowing me to just be present in the moment, have a sense of grounding and connect to nature in a way I have never done before. Thank you once again!!!!”