About Us

Yarraman Territory was founded in 2018, in the Northern Territory by Marc Gallagher.

A passionate stockman, and people person, Marc could see an opportunity to use his skills developed through station work, formal agricultural studies, VET training and tourism, to help people develop and foster their full potential through connections with horses. Over the years the Yarraman team have worked with many remote indigenous communities, delivered programs inside of youth detention and rehabilitation centres, conducted clinics and sessions for school holiday programs, worked with social and community service groups, for at risk people,  corporate team building and now, share their outback stories alongside providing youth employment opportunities through the public facing tourism experiences.


Meet Marc, the head trainer and owner of Yarraman Territory. With a strong focus on supporting at-risk youth, Marc is dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives. Equipped with specialised training in utilising equine activities for therapeutic benefits, he aims to create transformative experiences.

Having spent his formative years on cattle stations, Marc developed invaluable skills and successfully managed remote outback stations. He even had the incredible opportunity to perform in the renowned Outback Spectacular. Driven by his unwavering passion for helping individuals reach their fullest potential, Marc has returned to his true calling: empowering people through the remarkable world of equine-assisted activities.

Through Yarraman Territory, Marc strives to provide innovative solutions and nurture personal growth by harnessing the power of horses. His unique approach fosters development, resilience, and meaningful connections, ultimately inspiring individuals to unlock their unlimited potential. Join Marc on this extraordinary journey and discover the life-changing possibilities that await.


Introducing Luke, a dedicated member of the Yarraman team who is passionate about working with everyone, especially the horses. From feeding and tending to the horses to ensuring the smooth functioning of the property, Luke takes pride in maintaining a well-run and welcoming environment.

Luke’s enthusiasm shines when he assists with lessons, witnessing the growth and progression of riders as they enhance their skills and build confidence. With a deep-rooted desire to share his extensive equestrian knowledge, Luke is committed to helping every rider reach their full potential.

Through his guidance and support, Luke strives to empower riders to become the best version of themselves. With his genuine dedication and expertise, he fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere where riders can flourish. Join Luke at Yarraman and embark on a transformative journey where equestrian dreams are realised.


Meet Lacey, a local Darwin girl who has a profound passion for horses, fishing, and crafting. With eight years of riding experience and a diverse background in competitive events like barrel racing, pole bending, xtreme cowboy racing, gymkhana, team cattle sorting, and campdrafting, Lacey brings a wealth of equestrian expertise to Yarraman Territory.

At Yarraman Territory, Lacey’s role revolves around instructing individuals of all ages and backgrounds to ride horses safely and enjoyably. She excels in tailoring lessons and sessions to cater to the specific needs and preferences of each customer, whether they are disabled, at-risk youth, young children, or participants in the NDIS program. Her focus is on creating a positive and personalised experience that fosters growth and confidence.

Beyond her expertise in horseback riding, Lacey possesses a vast knowledge of local flora and fauna. During trail rides, she takes pleasure in sharing captivating insights about the surrounding natural environment, enriching the experience for her clients and deepening their connection to the land.

Join Lacey Rutland at Yarraman Territory for an extraordinary equestrian journey. Together, you’ll explore the joy of horse riding while immersing yourselves in the beauty of nature and creating unforgettable memories.


Allow us to introduce Sarah, a vital member of our team at Yarraman Territory. In her role, Sarah takes charge of administration and day-to-day client communications. Her passion lies in supporting clients registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and ensuring their seamless access to the programs we offer.

With a genuine enthusiasm for helping others, Sarah is always ready to provide answers, address inquiries, and assist in any way possible. She actively explores new avenues to expand and enhance our services, continuously seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.

Count on Sarah’s expertise and dedication to ensure a smooth administrative process and foster an inclusive environment for everyone. Her commitment to making Yarraman Territory accessible and accommodating for all clients is unwavering. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah with any questions or suggestions as she strives to create an exceptional experience for everyone we serve.

This is Yarraman Territory

Yarraman Territory is the leading equine therapy provider in the Northern Territory with a proven track record working in remote communities, on cattle stations, with disadvantaged youths, NDIS participants, at-risk youth and adults, and those experiencing PTSD right across Northern Australia.

The success of the Yarraman Territory Connection Through Horses Program is well documented, and our programs are in demand from a range of demographics within the community across the NT and through regional QLD.

Our program is structured enough to meet compliance requirements from government led bodies yet flexible to be tailored to the participants specific needs. Our delivery method ensures that the simplest of tasks can amount to the biggest wins with participants and really grounds them with the required support to get back to basics and make genuine connections with other beings – whether that be human, equine or canine.